Shamanic Doula


IMG_1147As a dancer, teacher and flow artist, Madelaine Bukiet has spent the better part of a decade traveling the world performing fire arts and studying culture. These years infused her with a deep understanding of the body-mind complex and how it relates to the world at large.

Madelaine was trained as a midwife at Maternidad la Luz where she was witness to over 70 births. Trained in both conventional emergency medicine and herbalism, she straddles the line between the ancient goddess tradition and the practicalities of modern survival. She currently holds a Certified Professional Midwife credential.

Madelaine frequently goes by the name Wolf. She lives in New York City where she teaches fire spinning, builds altars, creates mixed media art, reads tarot cards, leads new moon circles, practices yoga, protests the existence of prisons, dances whenever the opportunity arises and learns as much as she possibly can about the world.

Things I do:

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