Shamanic Doula

Rite of Passage

The prototypical shamanic rite of passage involves a period of seclusion, a dangerous journey, a test of strength of spirit and the emergence of the initiate reborn with a new role to play in society. There are many variations of this process, but all of them echo both the initiation of a woman into motherhood and the journey of a child out of the womb.

An initiation ritual describes the process by which a tribe recognizes a change in the status and responsibilities of a community member.

For the baby, a rite of passage welcomes him or her into humanity. For the mother, we are formalizing the all-encompassing nature of the journey into parenthood. When we ritualize birth, we invite the community to recognize the baby’s existence alongside the mother’s new life purpose.

In order to become a new person, the old being must die. A shamanic rite of passage is symbolic death. Likewise, for a mother to be born, the girl – with all of her priorities and intentions – must die. This process can be difficult. It can also be ecstatic. It can even be orgasmic.

As your shamanic doula, I will help you release those parts of yourself which are no longer necessary. We will work together to help you fully experience your birth and begin your journey into motherhood with all of the ceremony that such a sweeping and sacred life change deserves.

Woman, you are creating life!

Steve Greer Photography

Steve Greer Photography

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